16 Apr 2018

Air Accident Investigation - Lecture and AGM

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigates all civil aircraft accidents within the UK and overseas territories, ranging from minor incidents to catastrophic events. Senior Inspector Peter Coombs will present an overview of the work of the AAIB and discuss some of the most interesting cases from his varied career.
Please note the AGM will begin at 6pm. Please feel free to attend just the AGM, just the lecture or both!
6.30pm – Tuesday 24th April 2018
To be preceded by the AGM at 6pm
Bristol Business School , UWE Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY, United Kingdom
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8 Mar 2018

Branch Lecture
Airbus First Family
To Infinity and Beyond?
Jonathan Hallet, UK Site Chief Engineer, Airbus

The Airbus A300 first flew in 1972, and marked a new era in collaboration and technology – the subsequent fleet, including the A310 and many variants, have gone on to be one of the longest serving and most versatile fleets in aviation history.

Today, it still forms the backbone of many world operators’ fleets – with a background of changing requirements and operator needs, how does a manufacturer, known for technology breakthroughs and innovation, continue to successfully maintain, modify and develop the A300/A310 family for the future?

This lecture outlines the history, production and new ways to support today’s fleet, and looks forward to the steps being taken to ensure that it flies for decades to come.

Time and Venue
6.30pm – Thursday 22nd March 2018
Concorde Room, BAWA Leisure Centre
589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG

Members and non-members welcome!
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(01179361643 - anna.pugh@airbus.com)
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13 Feb 2018

February Lecture

The Perlan Project

An Engineless Aircraft Reaching the Edge of Space

Loris Gliner, Imperial College London

The famous phrase from Star Trek captures the promise of the joy of scientific exploration, “Boldly going where no one has gone before.” 

The science of the Perlan Project is about doing something  that has never been done before and understanding what has never been understood before. Only a few people have been to the edge of space. We are going to explore the edge of space without a polluting engine on the clean pure wings of a glider. We are just beginning to clearly understand what happens there that impacts the weather around the globe. Someday soon, airliners will fly at these heights and we are pioneers that will map the paths through the giant mountain waves that can trigger the strongest turbulence in the air. 

The Perlan flights will boldly seek knowledge where few have flown before.


18:30 - Wednesday 28th February 2018
UWE Frenchay Campus - Room TBC

      Members and non-members welcome!
             For enquiries contact Anna Pugh
(01179361643 - anna.pugh@airbus.com)
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