2 Sep 2013

September Lecture

Undercarriages – A Bit of a Drag! 

Bob Thompson – Landing Gear Architect, Airbus

12th September 2013
Doors open at 18:00 with refreshments available; the lecture starts at 18:30.

Attendance at the lecture is free. If you are planning to attend the lecture, you are kindly requested to register your attendance here:

The Landing Gear System is one of the most important systems on any aeroplane. With the consequences of failure being, at the least, very expensive, a landing gear system must be extremely reliable and safe, but also incur minimum cost to the operator, which demands light weight and minimal maintenance. Landing Gears operate in a very harsh environment, with temperatures ranging from several hundred degrees at the brakes, to extremely cold ground soak conditions. They must also cope with debris and high G forces. This lecture will cover design processes involved in defining new Landing Gear, with the A380 development as an example.