22 Feb 2015

March Lecture



How to Investigate an Air Accident

Graham Braithwaite, Professor of Safety and Accident Investigation and Director of Transport Systems, Cranfield University

What does it take to investigate aircraft accidents? How do we collect the evidence we need to under what happened, why it happened and how we prevent similar events from happening again in the future. This talk will cover the selection and training of aircraft accident investigators, the task, traps and challenges they face and a variety of case studies from investigations around the world. Cranfield University has trained aircraft accident investigators since 1977 and rail and marine accident investigators since 2004. Drawing upon this experience, Professor Braithwaite will give a lively presentation about what it takes to think like an investigator.

Time and Venue

6.30pm – Thurs 12th March 2015
Concorde Room, BAWA Leisure Centre
589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG

For enquiries contact Liz Cole
(07450 210111, elizabeth.cole@airbus.com)
For registration: www.raesbristol.org.uk

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