17 Nov 2015

American Secret Projects - Fighters and Interceptors

Tony Buttler AMRAeS, Aviation Historian

7th December 2015

6.30pm – Concorde Room, BAWA, Southmead Road, BS34 7RG

Tony Buttler’s review of American jet fighter development since the end of the Second World War examines the various programmes undertaken for both the US Air Force and Navy, with the emphasis on design competitions and some of the proposals which did not reach hardware. After a look at post-war subsonic types, the narrative moves on to the supersonic Century series, the equivalent programmes for the Navy which led to the Crusader and Phantom, the heavy F-14 and F-15 from the late 1960s, and finally the lightweight fighters of the 1970s. Types considered include massive long range interceptor studies from the mid-1950s which led to the aborted F-108 Rapier, lightweight designs offered against the F-104 Starfighter, and the Grumman XF12F project. 

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