29 Feb 2016


Tim Marshall, Principal Engineer Weapons Integration at QinetiQ

17th March 2016

6.30pm – Concorde Room, BAWA, Southmead Road, BS34 7RG

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Test and Evaluation of guided weapons is a complex business. Brimstone was conceived as a Cold-War weapon but is being used on Operations today. This lecture outlines the technical and programme challenges presented when a new capability is introduced involving a guided weapon. We also see how the Brimstone missile developed to become the weapon of choice it is today.
The UK’s air-delivered anti-armour capability began with the BL755 Cluster Munition in the 1970s and was replaced by Brimstone in 2005. However, complex Rules of Engagement on Operations and a change in World Politics made many weapon systems virtually obsolete. Brimstone underwent modifications which enabled its use on Operations Telic, Herrick, Ellamy and Shader. Its present use heralds major performance advantages over its predecessor BL755 in terms of Collateral Damage, Precision, Target Type and Range. Brimstone is also set for use not only on many airborne platforms, but also those from land and maritime environments.