30 Aug 2017

Bristol Branch presents the first lecture of 2017-18 season

‘King of all Balloons’: James Sadler, Oxford pastry cook and first English Aeronaut
by Mark Davies: Oxford Local historian, author, and biographer of James Sadler

Following his first air-balloon flights in 1784 and 1785, James Sadler spent the next 25 years as an engineer, inventor and chemist, before returning to ballooning, aged 57, in 1810. Sadler had several Bristol associations, including helping the chemist Thomas Beddoes set up his Pneumatic institute in Hotwells and marrying his second wife here. In 1811 he became the first man to fly over (but then into!) the Bristol Channel, one of many records he set, with his son Windham, in this very first phase of the history of flight.

Time & Venue
6.30pm – Thurs. 28th September 2017
Concorde Room, BAWA Leisure Centre
589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG

For enquiries contact Anna Pugh or Liz Bartlett

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