8 Mar 2018

Branch Lecture
Airbus First Family
To Infinity and Beyond?
Jonathan Hallet, UK Site Chief Engineer, Airbus

The Airbus A300 first flew in 1972, and marked a new era in collaboration and technology – the subsequent fleet, including the A310 and many variants, have gone on to be one of the longest serving and most versatile fleets in aviation history.

Today, it still forms the backbone of many world operators’ fleets – with a background of changing requirements and operator needs, how does a manufacturer, known for technology breakthroughs and innovation, continue to successfully maintain, modify and develop the A300/A310 family for the future?

This lecture outlines the history, production and new ways to support today’s fleet, and looks forward to the steps being taken to ensure that it flies for decades to come.

Time and Venue
6.30pm – Thursday 22nd March 2018
Concorde Room, BAWA Leisure Centre
589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG

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