8 Oct 2018

The Future of Aerospace Manufacturing
A look inside the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
by Philip Spiers, FRAes – Head of Structural Integrity, AMRC

The AMRC was established in 2001 as a £15 million collaboration between the University of Sheffield and aerospace giant Boeing. The centre grew rapidly and opened the AMRC Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future in 2008.
The AMRC operates on a collaborative research model to meet the higher Technology readiness level needs of industry bridging the gap between scientific researchand production. The future possibilities raised by the AMRC are endless and diverse – the centre is also working with the medical industry and McLaren supercars!

The lecture will look at the history of, and the research that is conducted at, the AMRC - ranging from machine dynamics, composite production, product design and validation showing the impact this has had on the manufacturing industry in the UK.

6.30pm – Monday 29th October 2018 (refreshments from 6pm)
Concorde Room, BAWA Conference Centre
589 Southmead Rd, Bristol BS34 7RG
Members and non-members welcome!
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