8 Nov 2018

En-route to the all-electric aircraft 
Design of a hybrid powertrain for an electric helicopter tail rotor

by Dr Jason Yon and Prof. Phil Mellor
University of Bristol
Collar RAeS Named Lecture
Over the past decade, continued advances in electric machines, energy storage and power converter technologies have made electric propulsion for aerospace a realistic proposition, with several research projects and demonstrators currently under development.

In collaboration with industrial partners, the University of Bristol has developed a novel hybrid aerospace powertrain for an electric helicopter tail rotor. The system uses a high-performance fault-tolerant machine to drive the tail rotor and a set of four high-speed generators to source the electrical power. This architecture allowed a high efficiency and low weight solution to be achieved while meeting the crucial application integrity requirements.

The presentation will offer an overview of the electromechanical design of this system and its key performance attributes. As a case study, this project provides a valuable platform to explore several challenges facing the industry as it moves towards all-electric propulsion.

6.30pm – Thursday 29th November 2018 (refreshments from 6pm)
Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building, 
University Walk, Bristol BS8, 1YR
Members and non-members welcome!
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