30 Oct 2019

Revolutionising Spaceflight Using Only Proven Technology


David Ashford,

Founder and Director of Bristol Spaceplanes Limited

This lecture describes a launch vehicle development roadmap that uses only proven technology and that could lead to a thousand-fold reduction in the cost of sending people to orbit within about 15 years.   This would clearly revolutionise spaceflight and create a new space age.   The roadmap involves a combination of full reusability, aeroplane-like vehicle design, and high traffic levels, especially from space tourism, to provide economies of scale. Find out more in the talk. 

6.30pm – Wednesday 20th November 2019 (refreshments from 6pm)
Room 1, BAWA Conference Centre, 589, Southmead Road,
Bristol BS34 7RG
Members and non-members welcome!

For enquiries, contact Vipran K Kannan