19 Nov 2019

Engineering the Future 
Designing Products to Address 21st Century Challenges
by Martin Aston -   Airbus
Collar RAeS Named Lecture

There are many challenges facing today’s (and future) engineers, including the environment, clean water, clean energy, cyber security, etc. and there a wide range of technologies available to achieve these difficult goals. This talk will focus on the challenge of designing future products, using the Bird of Prey concept aircraft as an example, to demonstrate the complexity (technology choice, integration, assurance, etc) that engineers are going to face in the next part of the 21st century and provide an insight into what must be done to ensure that we are successful in addressing these ever more demanding challenges.

   Time and Venue                                                  

     6.30pm – Wednesday 4th December 2019
     (refreshments from 6pm)
     Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building,  
     University Walk, Bristol BS8, 1YR
     Members and non-members welcome!
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